Cookie Policy


At PilotGear, we want to be transparent about the technology we use and how it affects you. In this Cookie Policy, will be referred to as our “Site”. Additionally, our sites, tools, applications, services and messaging resources will be collectively referred to as our “Services”, and any cookies (inclusive of third-party cookies, first-party cookies, session cookies and persistent cookies), web beacons, social widgets, UTM codes, application SDK’s, legal storage objects and other similar technologies will be labelled as “Cookies and Similar Technologies”. Cookies and other Similar Technologies may be used on the Services we offer you. These Cookies and Similar Technologies optimise our Services to function safer, faster, and reliably, as well as assists us to understand how you use our Services and for advertising purposes.

Explaining what Cookies and Other Technologies are

Cookies and Similar technologies can be a complicated topic to understand. Because PilotGear may use a variety of cookies and similar technologies, such as web beacons, social widgets, UTM codes, application SDK’s, legal storage objects, session cookies, first-party cookies, persistent cookies, third-party cookies and other comparable technologies, we thought it best to define these terms. However, please note that these forms of technologies we use may change once in a while, but it is always beneficial to understand them nonetheless. Below are limited definitions of the Cookies and similar technologies we use.

Cookies – Cookies are made up of small pieces of data created by a specific web server which will be stored on your computer or on the electronic device accessing our services (referred to as “device”) and records information on how you engage with our Services. Cookies have varied functions, and can be used to track a user’s browsing activity for targeted ads, be used to remember login details for specific websites, track a website’s visitor count and more.

First-party Cookies – The site that you are visiting creates and stores these cookies.
Third-party Cookies – Are cookies that are set by a site other than the one you are on.
Persistent Cookies – Are cookies that are stored on your device to help remember information. This ensures you do not have to reinput your preferences and settings every time you visit the site.
Session Cookies – These are cookies that temporarily hold information and then are subsequently deleted once the session on the web browser/tab is closed.
Web beacons – Graphic images (usually the size of one pixel) that may be used throughout are services to record when users visit certain pages throughout our site. This is an unobtrusive technology that lets us know which pages are popular amongst our visitors.
Social Widgets – Some social media providers are integrated throughout our site via buttons, icons and logins. This allows users to use certain social media services to view or share content via these services.
UTM Codes – These are segments of code attached to the end of URLs, and help to see whether marketing campaigns are effective by measuring traffic.
Other Technologies – This can include technologies that may store information on your device or browser.

How do we use Cookies and Similar Technologies?

The listings below include most of the reasons of how we use Cookies and similar technologies:

Operationally Required: We may use Cookies and similar technologies which allow us to function and grant you access to our Services. These Cookies and similar technologies must be in place, not only for our Services to function, but, also to uphold the security and protect our users from any fraudulent, malicious and/or dangerous activities on our site. These technologies also provide critical functions such as saved searches, watchlists and comparable functions.

Functionally Required: Cookies and other similar technologies may be used to offer you a greater level of functionality on our Services. These functions largely enhance your experience on our Services and includes keeping track of personal preferences, presentation of content, previously viewed searched items and stored information which saves you time from having to redo numerous actions every time you load our Services.

Performance Related: Cookies and other similar technologies may be used to evaluate the performance of our Services. We use these technologies to see how well certain functions and Services are working, as well as to see how our users interact with these elements. It provides us with an indication of how we can improve our Services and the functions we offer with it, which we hope will make using our Services a more enjoyable experience.

Marketing Related: To provide you with interesting and relevant content, listings and ads, both from our Services and third-party sites, we may use third-party or first-party cookies. These technologies also inform us when you find certain content, listings and ads interesting by letting us know when you click on them.

Cookies and similar technologies from third-party service providers

At PilotGear we want to provide you with the best, safest and fastest possible experience we can. To do this, we sometimes use help from other companies who are specialised in the field and can provide us with cutting edge services. However, this possibly means that there may be authorised third-party services that place Cookies and similar technologies throughout our Services with our approval. Any and all authorised third-party service providers are either bound by a confidentiality agreement and/or are bound to The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act), which outlines the protection, collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information in Australia.

Do I get a choice on Cookies and Other Technologies?

At PilotGear, Cookies allow us to tailor and customise your experience. By allowing Cookies, it saves time from having to retype information, allows us to offer you products you may be interested in, and gives us an indication on how we are able to improve our Services. The Services we offer are only accessible with the use of some of these Cookies and similar technologies. You are always allowed to deactivate or delete these technologies if your chosen browser or device permits it. However, in doing so, you may hinder your experience and constrain your ability to fully utilise the Services we offer. If you are persistent on disabling any Cookies or other Similar Technologies, we recommend that you check your device or browser settings, as well as contact their related support services.

Do you tell me when you collect my data, and what security is in place?

Where possible, any information collected and stored from Cookies and similar technologies are secured, so only we or authorised service providers can obtain and view relevant data. We will make it known to you when personal information is collected and stored using Cookies or similar technologies by attaining your consent. When collecting personal information, consent is given by agreeing to our disclaimer relating to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and any other polices listed on our services, and/or by making a visible disclaimer when you are about to enter personal information.