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ASA Portable Push to Talk Switch

Good communications are essential to a successful flight. This convenient switch mounts to the yoke with a velcro strap, allowing

Flightcom Push To Talk Gold Switch

Push-to-talk switch with durable gold contacts. Note: Not designed for a voice actuated intercom system.

Pilot PA-50 Aircraft Push To Talk Switch

General Aviation Aircraft Press-To-Talk Switch – moulded chrome plug, velcro fastening

Pilot PA-PTT3.5 Handheld Radio Push To Talk Switch

Aviation Handheld Press-To-Talk Switch with 3.5mm plug with velcro fastening designed for use with many Icom and Vertex headset adapters.

Pilot PA50H Helicopter Push-to-Talk Switch

Helicopter Push-To-Talk Switch – Consists of Nexus U94A/U PTT block incorporating a coiled lead with a U174/U plug and belt

Pilot PA50HA24 Helicopter Headset Adaptor for Icom A3, A6, A14, A15, A22 & A24

Helicopter Headset Adaptor to suit Icom A3, A6, A14, A15, A22 & A24 handheld VHF radios. The lead for the