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ASA Carbon Monoxide Detector

Protect yourself and your passengers from carbon monoxide poisoning with this easy to use portable peace of mind.

ASA Flight Timer 3

Ergonomically designed and engineered for reliability, ease and convenience, the ASA Flight Timer should be considered essential equipment for all

ASA Jiffyhood®

One of the most used view-limiting devices for instrument training.

ASA Yoke Clip

Holds all the necessary flight paperwork right where pilots need it, leaving their hands free to fly.

Design4Pilots Pilot CO Charger – Dual USB Charger & Carbon Monoxide Detector

This multi-functional USB quick charger for 12-28V made of aluminium has two quick charger ports: USB and USB-C. The PILOT

Design4Pilots Pilot Finger Pulse Oximeter

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $85.50.
Design4Pilots Pilot Finger Pulse Oximeter As every person’s body is different, it is therefore important that during flights above 8.000

FlyBoys Deluxe Pen Loop

The FlyBoys Deluxe Pen Loop is the highest quality, most versatile and most comfortable means to help pilots prevent FOD

FlyBoys Eyelet Strip for Reversible Kneeboard

The Eyelet Strip for the FlyBoys Reversible Kneeboad can serve as a replacement for the Eyelet Strip that is included

FlyBoys Map Strap Leg Strap

or more than a decade, military pilots and aircrew from virtually ever sector of aviation worldwide have trusted the FlyBoys

Flyboys Single Pen Holder for Reversible Kneeboard

Designed to simplify and streamline the FlyBoys Reversible Kneeboard by replacing the dual-pen holder that comes with the kneeboard. Can

Flyboys Zipper Pouch for Reversible Kneeboard

Add additional storage to the FlyBoys Reversible Kneeboard with the Zipper Pouch. Ideal for FOD prevention by offering storage for small items