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Icom – POWER SUPPLY | Switch Mode for IC-A120 (SEC1212G)

ICOM PSU-1210 Switch Mode Power Supply Unit 12V 10Amp Power supply for the IC-A120E if it is used as a

Icom Base Station Cabinet for IC-A120E Airband VHF Mobile Transceiver

Icom Base Station Cabinet Requires an Icom IC-A120E Airband VHF Mobile Transceiver and an Icom Power Supply for IC-A120 –

Icom IC-A220 Airband VHF Panel Mount Transceiver

Icom Transceiver  – Innovative airband that’s easier to install and see in more places White OLED Display and White Key

Icom IC-A25NE Airband VHF Handheld Transceiver

Icom’s Next Generation Air Band Radio with Built-in GPS and Built-in Bluetooth® Full air band coverage (118-136.992 Mhz) 6 Watts